Customer Service Teleoperador for Telecommunications Services. Sale of Services.

Konecta S.A

Conflict management and problem solving. Use of tools to track and resolve service issues. Customer service techniques. Issue tracking. Leadership skills and ability to Work as a team. Use of sales techniques to loyalty, promote and increase sales of products/services. Fulfillment of objectives. Compliance with metrics.




Critical analysis, ability to identify problems, teamwork, understand and document problems, troubleshoot, follow guidelines and protocols, manage time, identify errors, and the ability to write and execute scripts. In addition, software development tools and software testing tools.


Web Developer


Ability to create modern and scalable web applications, with an intuitive and interactive interface and a secure database. Design robust databases and optimize application performance. In-depth understanding of the tools and technologies needed to develop complex web applications.


Telephone Customer Service. Inventory Manager

Pizza One

Telephone manager, receive customer orders, verify information, process payments, answer questions about the products offered, report deliveries and discounts, confirm details and send final confirmation. Head of inventories, I control stocks, supplier requirements, documentation related to inventories, daily cash closing and costs.


Customer Service

Grido Helados S.A

In charge of serving ice cream to customers, charging for products, keeping the area clean and tidy, ensuring product absence, solving any problems customers may have, making them feel welcome and satisfied with their experience and answering any questions.


High School

Instituto General San Martín, Formosa, Argentina.

Title: Administration and Management of Organizations. Average: 7

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